Saturday, May 8, 2010

The eclectic mind of my desk

The eclectic mind of my desk - my desk an pallet - artist stephen scott
Sometimes I think my desk has a mind of it's own, and it's a weird mind...

What a strange collection of items; paint brushes, pallet (front left), dect phone (in front of the jar on the pallet), a kiddies book, a box set of Paulo Coehlo's fantastic books (the Alchemist is my favorite), a dress maker's tape measure (for measuring canvas sizes), a collection of paintings... there's other junk there too if you care to look.

I've not been painting - my studio got burgled... the only item of real value stolen was my bike (my precious bike)... but they took their time to trash my studio, overturned my easel, trampled paint all over, emptied drawers out.... it's taken a bit of time to get the courage to come out here and spend time in the studio. I become so angry that painting is impossible.

....maybe tomorrow....
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