Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waiting at the station - oil painting by Stephen Scott

Waiting for the train - oil on board - Stephen Scott
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Waiting for the Train
Oil on Board
21cm x 25 cm

This is another composite picture... a week ago I did a quick sketch while waiting for the train at Claremont station. The sketch was of a man dressed in blue, sitting on a bench, in the background was the shadow of the overhead walkway.

It was a < 1 minute sketch, but I liked the composition so I did a warm-up painting using the sketch as a reference - a quick 10min painting which concentrated on tone and without pretending to be a real painting. I wished that I had had a camera with me...

Then I went to Karin Jurick's blog - the latest image was so similar that I just had to use it to fill the void left by not having a camera with me.

See paintings from the other artists for the challenge at DSDF.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pink Bikini - oil on board

Pink bikini - oil on board - painting by Stephen Scott
Pink Bikini
Oil on board
20cm x 15cm

I've cheated here... or is it more a case of artistic license? The figure here never existed as is, it is a composite of a few reference photos with the gaps filled by my imagination. The painting was an exercise in light and painting with tones.
I enjoyed the contrast of the bright blue sky against the warm flesh tones of the sunlight figure... or is it the other way around?

Since this is not a nude in the proper sense of nudes; I've posted it here; and on the 500Nudes blog.

White Cat - Oil painting on canvas board

white cat, oil painting, Stephen Scott
White Cat
21cm x 25cm Oil on board

I've posted the progression of 'white cat' before (here) and in that post I said I had to stop because the paint was simply too wet... well after two weeks all I added were the highlights to the eyes... worth the wait.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Couple - oil on board

Beach couple, oil painting, Stephen Scott
Beach Couple
Oil on Board
21cm x 25 cm

We went down to the beach despite the miserable weather - I think we were hoping to see whales (we did not). What we did see were some odd folks, I suppose like us, that were out on the beach with clouds looming behind us.

The sun came out and warmed us for a while, but with the sun cam the wind - a perfect day for bed and a book, yet we were out at the cold waters edge.

I got some great reference photos though... this is the first painting from those photos.

This couple, must have been in their seventies, strolled out along the beach, then stood for ages watching the waves come in. As they walked on it was hand in hand - I wonder how long they've been lovers for?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Barry Jackson - Painter and Sculptor

barry jackson, portrait, oil painting on boardBarry Jackson
by Stephen Scott
Oil on board

This is my friend and fellow painter - Barry Jackson.
About a year ago the model did not pitch up so Barry sat for us. This is a quick study done in oils and I'd like to think that it would have become quite a nice painting had we had another session with him as the model.

Barry is a commercial artist by trade currently working as a professional sculpture. He recently started spending more time behind the easel doing oils - Visit his blog at http://barryjackson.blogspot.com/

Barry specializes in African wildlife and the human figure. His kudu leap, his bushmen dance and his miners toil... take a look at his bronzes, it's worth the click.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New blog for figures

A work colleague wrinkled his nose as he peered at my paintings.
"This is certainly not office friendly," commented pointing at one of my figures study paintings.
On the screen in front of him was a beautiful model in a complete state of undress... "and I won't show this to my mother either," he continued.

He's view may initially be taken as prudish, but it's not about him, it's about what other people think as they walk past his desk... what are they thinking about him?

I've decided to move all my figure study paintings away from this blog and onto a new site dedicated to figure study paintings.

I created the figure study blog ages ago then abandoned it favoring this site instead.

Figure study is an important part of art and an artist's development in his/her skill, so it is still an important part of my weekly schedule.

So this blog will be reserved for clothed figures, cats, vegetables, old paint tubes and anything else that begs to be painted.

For the figures go to http://500nudes.blogspot.com/

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