Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Couple - oil on board

Beach couple, oil painting, Stephen Scott
Beach Couple
Oil on Board
21cm x 25 cm

We went down to the beach despite the miserable weather - I think we were hoping to see whales (we did not). What we did see were some odd folks, I suppose like us, that were out on the beach with clouds looming behind us.

The sun came out and warmed us for a while, but with the sun cam the wind - a perfect day for bed and a book, yet we were out at the cold waters edge.

I got some great reference photos though... this is the first painting from those photos.

This couple, must have been in their seventies, strolled out along the beach, then stood for ages watching the waves come in. As they walked on it was hand in hand - I wonder how long they've been lovers for?

1 comment:

rups said...

the coupple are looking so romantic there. acctually the painter paint the picture with a great stroke.. that seem to be so romantic.. nice. really nice.

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