How to buy a painting

If you've been browsing this blog wondering how to buy an original oil painting from me... here's how to go about it:

The best way to purchase a painting from me is through Bid or Buy - I have partnered with them to facilitate selling. Bid or Buy adds value by ensuring the credentials of both the seller and the buyer.
Click here to see the paintings I currently have on offer.

There is one problem though - not all my paintings are registered on the auction site all of the time; I rotate the paintings on Bid or Buy - it's a huge admin overhead to keep all the paintings listed!

If it's not on Bid or Buy, and it's not it's not marked as sold on this site; please pop me a mail at - I welcome offers. Payment can be facilitated electronically.

In summary to buy a painting - go to Bid or Buy or mail me your request.
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