Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The queen of the street

I posted this one a little while back, last week it went on auction at Bid or Buy and it caused a bit of a stir... there was more activity on this posting than many of the others and the bidding was fierce (well by my standards anyway - Lucian Freud would laugh out loud at me calling it fierce)

This auction has made me very happy, it is a huge motivator to receive so much positive attention.

Another painting also received it's fair share of attention this week - Nude on a Persian carpet. It's been sold and unfortunately I am not able to ship it because I'm on holiday... (I'm very embarrassed about that)

One viewer left a message on the Persian Carpet post - she said "...your work is fantastic!" - It is so nice to get flattering message like this!

1 comment:

Anetka said...

I'm happy for your sucess:) I keep my fingers crossed for many more:)

and btw your work is fantastic:)

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