Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Daniel Scocco's free blogging tips

The main goal of my blog is to promote my art work with the intention of generating sales, which in turn enables me to afford to paint more.... the cycle of art life.
Here's the problem I'm having:
About three in a hundred visitors to this blog will click through to the sales page, of that about 1 in a hundred will buy a painting... (about 1 sale for every thousand views)
The maths seems simple enough: to increase sales all I got to do is increase the number of visitors to my blog... but how?
One of my biggest failures with this blog has been my inability to generate the web traffic (number of visits) that is needed to be able to realise the sales - I'm an artist after all, not a web marketing guru.
I've been scouring the internet trying to understand this internet business, then I stumbled on Daniel Scocco's free eBook on how to make money through blogging. His book is not a perfect fit for an art blog, but it's been incredibly helpful in understanding the current personality of blogging and the internet.
If you intend taking your blog to a new level; go get the book here:

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