Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3x3 Practice board

stephen scott - farmhouse painting - tonal studyLouis Trichardt farmhouse - in progress

stephen scott - farmhouse painting - tonal studyLaangebaan farmhouse

I'm frustrated - painting's just not working for me at the moment! I seem to be making too many mistakes and end up scrapping the painting I'm working on.
I tried to work out what the problem is and it comes down to my erratic way of working, I don't seem to have any sort of system.

I took a piece of masonite (60 cm x 45 cm) and marked off 9 squares (3x3) which leaves me 9 mini canvases of 18 x 14 cm - 9 practice attempts where the object is to practice and test concepts, not to deliver a finished work of art. The two paintings were done fast with only tonal study in mind.

The Langebaan farmhouse got bumped while it was still wet - I like the smudged effect... now I got to workout how to do it as part of my repertoire of techniques.

I still need to add a few details to the Louis Trichardt farmhouse, but I'm quite sure that I'm going to do a larger scale painting of it.

Only 7 more practice paintings to go........

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