Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coffee on a winter’s beach - Oil Painting

Coffee on a winter’s beach - Oil Painting - Stephen Scott
Oil on Board
21 cm x 25 cm

On the same day as the beach couple strolled out along the beach hand in hand this lady had made herself comfortable in her camping chair. The day was far from beach weather, but it was the best weather we’d had in a long time – after weeks of rain this day of partially cloudy with scattered sunshine was the best day of the month... and it was weekend!

The beach was busy; a motley crew of people were attracted to the sea for whatever flimsy reason (I can't remember why we were there) – one thing we had in common was that we all had our best winter woollies with us, either wearing it or tucked under our arms… and some of us had coffee, a whole thermos of it…

We fled the beach an hour later as thick, dark clouds headed towards us, we gave up the beach for our own coffee in front of the fire at home.

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